Churches, supermarkets and car dealerships on RHI list

Five Sainsbury's stores have RHI boilers - but not the most lucrative category.
Five Sainsbury's stores have RHI boilers - but not the most lucrative category.
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The list published yesterday by the Department for the Economy contains many high profile businesses and organisations.

The list of almost 870 boilers (many involving multiple boilers at one site) only contains the details of limited companies and limited liability partnerships who have received payments above a threshold of £5,000 for the period from the opening of the scheme in 2012 to 28 February 2017.

The department said that such an approach was in line with the judgement issued in the High Court on 1 March 2017.

The department said that work was under way on a second list which will contain the names of the individuals who are in receipt of payments of £5,000 or more under the non-domestic scheme and it intended to publish that list in the coming weeks after considering each case.

Among some of the striking claims revealed yesterday are the following:
• O’Neill’s Irish International Sportswear Ltd, the main GAA kit supplier, has six 95 kwth boilers bringing in £32,666;

• Five Sainsbury’s supermarkets have brought in about £220,000 in total but none of them are operating the 99kwth boilers with the most lucrative tariff;

• Major car dealership Charles Hurst has received £257,127 for 10 boilers;

• John Hogg and Co in Banbridge has received £417,322 for 12 boilers;

• Two Presbyterian churches are claiming – Dundrod (£14,421) and Edengrove (£9,490);

• One Free Presbyterian church, Hebron in Ballymoney, installed two boilers – one in March 2015 and a second in October – bringing in a combined total of almost £60,000;

• Several Church of Ireland churches are listed – Hillsborough Parish Church (two boilers bringing in a total of almost £40,000), Ballinderry Parish Church Hall (£7,128) and Brantry Church (£15,291);

• The National Trust has eight boilers bringing in almost £100,000;

• Dennison Commercials Ltd in Ballyclare has received £343,734 for 11 boilers.

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Full RHI list available online here