Cinemas spelling it out every week for the deaf

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Subtitled films for the deaf and hard of hearing are set to be screened on a weekly basis in Ireland’s largest cinema chain.

Omniplex – which has cinemas in Northern Ireland in Armagh, Bangor, Kennedy Centre in Belfast, Dundonald, Carrickfergus, Craigavon, Londonderry, Larne, Lisburn and Newry – has announced that all of their 22 sites will also show sensory screenings for children with autism.

The company said that the screenings were designed as part of an attempt to be socially responsible and to provide access to the cinema for people with disabilities.

Mark Anderson, operations director at Omniplex Cinemas, said: “We have received a number of requests from customers for subtitled films and been keen to cater for this demand for some time.

“We believe very strongly that cinema should be accessible for all and anyone with a disability should be able to see a newly released movie, with as much freedom as possible.”

Mr Anderson added that Omniplex recently introduced free cinema tickets for carers “and the addition of subtitled/sensory screenings is the next step towards making Omniplex Cinemas the most accessible cinema chain in Ireland”.

The evening programme starts on Monday with subtitled screenings of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

Meanwhile, the children’s programme starts with Early Bird screenings of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out on August 15 and 16.

These will be joint subtitled and sensory screenings, so that they can be attended by children with hearing impairments and those with autism.

For full listings information or to book a film visit Omniplex’s website.

Future movies that will be screened with subtitles will be announced on Omniplex’s Facebook page or on the website