Claimants: Don’t assume that these people are abusing RHI

Senior Renewable Heat Association figure Michael Doran
Senior Renewable Heat Association figure Michael Doran

The body which represents several hundred RHI claimants has urged the public not to assume that any of those named on the first list of RHI claimants are doing anything wrong.

The Renewable Heat Association of Northern Ireland (RHANI) was set up after the scandal exploded into the public consciousness in December following the BBC Spotlight programme revealing the scale of what had gone on.

The RHANI – whose public face is Michael Doran, the chief executive of Action Renewables – has already challenged the department in the High Court over the publication of the names and is pressing ahead with a separate legal challenge to the attempt to slash payments to RHI claimants.

In a statement yesterday, the body said it hoped that the publication of the list “will not lead to an assumption by the public or the media that the participants are acting improperly in any way, as the simple publication of names is, in no way, evidence of wrongdoing”.

The RHANI added: “Participants of the Renewable Heat Incentive entered a scheme legitimately which was designed and promoted by the Government in Northern Ireland.”