Climate change deal will hit NI consumers: Wilson

Sammy Wilson denounced the 'green zealots' who agreed the Paris deal
Sammy Wilson denounced the 'green zealots' who agreed the Paris deal

A DUP MP has denounced the weekend’s world climate change agreement in Paris as a pointless exercise which will cost electricity consumers across the Province.

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson said that the summit which led to the deal had been a “massive carbon fest” because the “green zealots” negotiating the deal had “arrived in private jets, drove around in petrol-guzzling limousines and consumed food shipped in from across the world, thinking nothing of their carbon footprint”.

He said the agreement was “full of promises about the future but with no means of policing it”.

Mr Wilson’s words are somewhat at variance with his party’s policy. Just months ago, DUP Enterprise Minister Jonathan Bell was pushing for the Province to retain a more generous system of subsidies for wind power than elsewhere in the UK.

Mr Wilson said: “Many of the countries, including China and India, have already indicated quite rightly that they will be putting the development of their own country first and that means developing cheap sources on energy using coal, gas and oil.

“It is estimated that even with this agreement CO2 emissions will continue to grow – no in fact double – over the next 50 years.

“Of course the UK will live up to the targets it has agreed to with the result that energy will become dearer, jobs will be lost and consumers impoverished – for what?”

He added: “It is beyond belief that as a result of deluded group think there are serious people who believe they are capable of fine tuning the world’s climate which is determined by hundreds of natural factors beyond the control of man and claim that governments can somehow decree that they can control temperatures to keep them from rising by more than 1.5 degrees.

“They can’t even explain why when CO2 has been rising over the past 15 years world temperatures have stood still, or why the world was two degrees hotter during Roman times even though CO2 levels were much lower than today.”