Coastguard issue warning after dolphin rescue

A bottlenose dolphin.
A bottlenose dolphin.

The Coastguard in Belfast has issued a warning after a dolphin rescue to well meaning members of the public not to enter the water “for an animal of any kind”.

In a statement, Belfast Coastguard said that if people are in the water it can only delay the rescue of an animal.

The statement was issued after a dolphin was washed up at Ballyholme Beach on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Coastguard said: “When it comes to animals and more so animals in distress, emotions can get very high, but please remember your own safety.

“Last night (Tuesday) we tasked Bangor Coastguard Rescue Team to a report of a dolphin washed up at Ballyholme Beach. When the crew arrived they found at least two people in the water, in the dark and with a decent sea running.”

The spokesperson continued: “Please do not enter the water for an animal of any kind. When Coastguard arrive on scene it will only delay the rescue of the animal if people are in or have been in the water.”