Coleraine lodge calls for Battle of Somme parade review

Killowen Purple Heroes LOL 930 hope to overturn the 'incredible' Parades Commission determination
Killowen Purple Heroes LOL 930 hope to overturn the 'incredible' Parades Commission determination

A Coleraine Orange lodge angered after their July 1 Battle of the Somme parade was re-routed has asked the Parades Commission to review their decision.

Robert Ilreavy, secretary of Killowen Purple Heroes LOL 930, said a meeting was held for members on Tuesday evening after the “incredible” determination for the parade was published.

“We are hoping for the Parades Commission to carry out a review of their determination in light of new information that has come to light,” he said.

“It seems that bad behaviour means you get your own way whilst law-abiding citizens are punished.”

In their 11-1 application for the parade the Coleraine lodge asked for their traditional route through Coleraine and the participation of 15 bands.

However, in the Parades Commission determination a route restriction was imposed – at Pates Lane and Somerset Drive – at a section of the route which is just under a mile long.

According to the Parades Commission determination, 19 people were arrested by the PSNI at the parade in 2014. The determination added that the day of the 2014 parade coincided with the sentencing of nine men relating to a 2009 sectarian attack in Pates Lane.

DUP MP Gregory Campbell blasted the Parades Commission as being “true to form by rewarding the trouble makers in our society”.

DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan added: “I am totally disgusted by this decision to disallow this parade to take the route it has always taken. I think the Parades Commission determination is unfair and unjustified.”

A spokesperson for the Parades Commission said: “The commission has received a review application in relation to the Killowen LOL 930 parade in Coleraine on 1 July 2015. The commission may review its final decision in light of any fresh information or representations received sufficient to trigger a review.”

If a review is triggered, all interested parties will be informed and afforded the opportunity to provide additional representations, added the spokesperson.