Comment: Bake Off star Iain Watters lost the rag, as passionate people often do

Iain Watters Great British Bake Off. Pictures Courtesy BBC
Iain Watters Great British Bake Off. Pictures Courtesy BBC

In a moment of rage befitting the most pent-up and intense creative minds, Northern Ireland’s flamboyantly-bearded Iain Watters, 31, ended Ulster’s chances of a Bake Off champion by hurling his black sesame seed ice cream in the bin.

Whatever anybody else says, it did look like it was Diana Beard who knocked Watters off his stride, removing his ice cream from the fridge at such a crucial juncture – and amid such Battle Royale in the kitchen, it is a wonder Iain did not also hurl Beard’s swan-shaped Baked Alaska bin-wards too.

But this seems churlish given Diana’s dramatic announcement that she will no longer be appearing in the show due to illness. Please get well soon Diana, it was an easy error to make in the melee, but I liked Iain and felt sorry for him.

Presenter Sue Perkins urged him to remain in the competition if only because at the end of it his scruffy beard would have grown so long he would have ended up looking like a mad baking Gandalf, and I felt exactly the same, but with the added pride of knowing he was from round these parts – and remember that wonderful plaited loaf in week three?

Watters was ruined by impulsiveness – but it displayed how invested he was in getting it right. Who wouldn’t feel like losing it when your creation accidentally melts so close to deadline, and all around are adding the final touches to mesmerising meringue-and-sponge masterpieces?

The sauna-like temperatures in there seem awful, as does the clamour of bakers half-demented with zeal to out-do each other in wondrous feats of flour and sugar. Iain lost it and meltdowns make great TV. “Serenity now!” he should have screamed as he made for the bin.