Commission rejects drum beat appeal

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The Parades Commission has rejected an appeal from a band that has been forbidden from playing music as it passes nationalist protestors in Rasharkin village this Friday evening.

A spokesman for the Ballymaconnelly Sons of Conquerors Flute Band told the News Letter yesterday that they would be lodging another appeal on the matter, but this time with differing evidence.

“We feel that being limited to a single drum beat as we pass protestors is without logic and creates tension, rather than letting the band concentrate on what it is supposed to do – play music,” he said.

TUV leader Jim Allister said the commission ruling appeared to break new ground, as up until now bands had only been limited to a single drum beat when passing places of worship, not protestors.

A Parades Commission spokeswoman said it considered a request to review the determination but concluded the grounds put forward did not justify a review.

“The commission may review its final decision in light of any fresh information or representations received,” she added.