Condemnation over train line disturbances in Lurgan


There has been condemnation of disturbances in Lurgan which saw the train line shut down temporarily.

The PSNI issued a statement at the weekend about the disruption on Friday night, which was sparked when two youths ran up to a railway control hut in Lake Street in the town, and said there was a device on the line.

“As a result, a number of trains were stopped from using the railway line,” said the PSNI.

“On attendance of police at the scene they came under attack from a crowd who threw a number of missiles, including a paint bomb and petrol bomb at them as they attempted to clear the area.”

The Army attended the scene at Lake Street and declared the suspect device a hoax.

In July, police had been targeted in the town with a genuine bomb.

During that operation, they had also come under attack from missiles and petrol bombs.

It later turned out that a wedding event at a nearby GAA club had to be cancelled as a result of the bombers’ actions.

The Alliance Party said of the most recent incident: “This was an appalling attack that achieved nothing except putting police officers, who are trying to protect the local community, in danger and diverting vital resources from other areas that might need them.

“There is no justification for this attack. Any act of violence against police is an assault on the rule of law and everyone in the community.

“I would urge anyone with information to contact police so these types of incidents can be once and for all consigned to the past.”

Sinn Fein said: “PSNI officers were responding to reports of another device on the railway lines and in their efforts to keep the surrounding communities safe they were attacked.

“Such actions are not supported by the wider north Lurgan community.

“Those responsible for organising this have nothing to offer and seek only to damage improved relations between the north Lurgan community and the local community policing team.

“I wholeheartedly condemn this attack and call on anyone with information to forward it to the PSNI.”