Confidence in Public Prosecution Service highest for a decade, survey finds

Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory QC
Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory QC

Public confidence in Northern Ireland's prosecution service is at its highest level in a decade, according to a survey.

The Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey, published on Thursday, found that more than three-quarters (76%) of the public are confident that the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) "provides a fair and impartial prosecution service".

Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory QC said he has always been open and transparent about the service's decision making.

"I believe that this is the key way to building an understanding of what we do and ensuring the public can have confidence in our decisions," he added.

Mr McGrory welcomed the survey's findings and said the aim of the PPS "is to provide the people of this jurisdiction with an independent, fair and effective prosecution service".

"Over the last number of years we have seen a steady rise in the levels of confidence in the PPS and this is a credit to the professionalism and dedication of all of our staff who work tirelessly in the interests of justice."

The survey also shows a rise in confidence among both Catholic and Protestant communities.