Could you offer one of these needy kittens a home?


Cats Protection are hoping kind families will offer some of these kittens a home.

The Coleraine branch of the charity is now appealing for anyone who would like a cat or a kitten to consider adopting - as they currently have many kittens in their care.


Alison Hagan, Branch Coordinator said: “As a result of unneutered cats breeding, we have recently taken in eight unwanted and abandoned kittens. We are desperately looking for new owners to provide homes for these kittens. I would appeal to anyone who can offer a loving home to contact us as soon as possible.”

The branch currently has eight kittens in its care:

· Zoe (Female Six Months) & Zeva (Female Six Months) are 2 friendly girls who were born to a stray cat.

· Pablo (Male Six months) & Mowgli (Male Six Months) are 2 affectionate boys who became homeless when their owner went into hospital.


· Tilly (Female 10 weeks) and Tiny (Female 10 weeks) are fun loving girls from an unwanted litter from a stray cat.

· Twilight (Female Six Months) and Eclipse (Female six months) were an unwanted litter in a multicat household.

Cat owners can assist the charity both now and in the future by getting their cat neutered.

Alison continues: “One unneutered female cat can produce up to 18 kittens a year so neutering really will help to reduce the number of kittens that are brought to the charity or dumped and left to fend for themselves. Neutering also makes cats less likely to fight and pass on diseases transmitted through biting and saliva, so it is also beneficial to your cat’s health.”


For more information about adopting a kitten or getting your cat neutered, please contact the Cats Protection’s Coleraine Branch on 07488 527 707 or email


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