Aladdin’s cave of illegality on sale at click of a button

Ethical hacker and lecturer Susan Gardner from Forth Valley College in Falkirk gave Johnston Press a personal tour of the dark web.

“Think of the worst thing you can buy on the web and the dark web offers 10 times worse,” she said.

The dark web is 500 times the size of what most of us know as the internet, she notes.

One website is selling over 18,000 types of drugs.

We can see 500 290ml MDMA for $900 – and that 12,326 other people are viewing it too.

We can also buy 25 Gummy Bears, laced with cannabis, and it will be with us by tomorrow, wrapped in decoy packaging.

Counterfeit passports, Visas, drivers licences, euro and dollar notes and cloned credit cards are all for sale.

Services are also on offer; everything from cracking passwords or clearing your credit score to boosting the number of Instagram followers you have.

You can also rent a team of professional car thieves or buy the IP addresses of paedophiles.

But no matter what we search for, the products and services are punctuated with pornographic sites.

“The porn on the dark web is more sadistic,” said Susan.

“Sex videos recorded with hidden cameras can be quickly posted online and used for blackmail or revenge.”

While porn and drugs appear to be the most popular, weapons also feature.

Tasers, Glocks, AK47s can be quickly be couriered to your door, vendors promise.