Appeal for valuables not to be left visible in cars after one driver found this horrific sight this morning

Appeals have been made for car owners to not leave valuables visible inside their vehicles after this happened to one car owner overnight.

A post on PSNI Facebook said: "Imagine waking up this morning and finding your car broken in to like this?!

"Well, that’s what happened to this person this morning in the Beechill area of the Saintfield Road, Castlereagh.

"A laptop was also taken from the car. "

This is what a car owner wakened up to this morning

The post adds: "This is believed to have happened sometime through the night.

"If you saw anything suspicious overnight in this area, please make contact with police in Lisburn & Castlereagh on 101 quoting serial 211 of 4th December.

"Please folks, particularly at this time of year, be sure not to leave any valuables or Christmas presents in your car which could easily tempt would be thieves. Make it difficult for them and take these precautions."