Ardoyne plastic bullets raised with watchdog

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The TUV said three members of the public met with the Police Ombudsman on Wednesday in order to raise concerns about the deployment of baton rounds during loyalist disorder in north Belfast.

Belfast councillor Jolene Bunting was joined by a woman who was struck by a plastic bullet, another who had her windowscreen cracked by one, and a man who narrowly avoided being hit by one.

She said that all had been “standing a considerable distance away from any trouble”, which had broken out after police enforced the Parades Commission decision to bar Orange marchers from making their return parade up the Crumlin Road on July 13.

Councillor Bunting said that there are “serious questions which need to be answered about the use of plastic bullets Monday week ago”.

She added: “The PSNI have a job of work to do rebuilding the trust and confidence of the unionist community – particularly after events in Londonderry where there was a large paramilitary display openly in the streets with a minimal police presence.

“This is totally unacceptable and leaves many unionists believing that double standards are at play.”