Attempted abduction of N.I. child - parents urged to be on look out for suspicious activity

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Parents in Northern Ireland are being urged to be vigilant after an alleged suspicious approach of a child on Thursday morning.

Jim Shannon M.P. said the incident occurred near Zion Place in Newtownards.

The alleged attempted abduction occurred in the Newtownards area.

The alleged attempted abduction occurred in the Newtownards area.

"I am aware that the P.S.N.I. have taken the allegations incredibly seriously and are actively investigating at a high level to secure our children’s safety," said Mr. Shannon.

"I would urge parents to be that little bit more vigilant and to have the conversation with their child about stranger danger," he added.

Ards and North Down Borough Councillor, Naomi Armstrong-Cotter (D.U.P.) confirmed that she too was made aware of the attempted abduction.

"As a parent of a child in Victoria, I got a very worrying text warning me of the danger and asking me to reinforce the fact that they should never go with anyone or speak to
someone they don’t know," said Colr. Armstrong-Cotter.

"I have to admit, it worried me to see this warning and I was in contact with the P.S.N.I. immediately who assured me that C.I.D. and Public Protection Unit were on the scene that day and
working with local people and schools.

"This is a warning for us all to heed – we need to ensure that our children are safe and sound on their way to and from school and part of that is making sure that they understand appropriate and inappropriate behaviours and what to do if they are uncomfortable.

As a mummy, it made me hold my little girl’s hand that little bit more tightly this morning and I am sure that all the other parents of the area feel the same way and I will be making sure not simply to be looking out for my girls but for others on the way - the only way to deal with this is to work as a community together looking out for our children and speaking out if something doesn’t seem right or feel right," added Colr. Armstrong-Cotter.