Ballymena scrambler tragedy warning after Belfast park death

DUP MLA Paul Frew
DUP MLA Paul Frew

Youths on scrambler type motorbikes are continuing to pose a risk to life in the Ballymena area despite repeated calls for a clampdown, a DUP MLA has said.

Paul Frew said the illegal activity was taking place on a number of public roads and paths around the Ballykeel and Ecos areas.

Mr Frew called on those involved to consider the “potential for devastation” their actions could cause – particularly in light of a fatal collision in a west Belfast park last month.

Valerie Armstrong – a mother of three young children – was walking in Colin Glen when she was struck and killed by a scrambler bike.

Mr Frew said the riders pose a serious risk to residents, pedestrians and runners, and added: “Myself and Councillor [Reuban] Glover have been attending meeting after meeting for the last two years to try and resolve this very serious issue. Residents are sick to the point they have stopped reporting this to the police and EA (education authority) have installed the fence at great expense yet still leave a gap that accommodates mobility scooters hence allowing the scramblers though also making it a very expensive folly”.