Band unclear on bomb threat

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A band whose members received death threats last week after being cleared of playing sectarian music has said it is unclear if a bomb alert close to the homes of members was deliberate intimidation.

Last Tuesday members of Shankill band the Young Conway Volunteers were cleared on appeal of playing sectarian music outside St Patrick’s Chapel in Belfast on July 12, 2012.

On Wednesday police visited the homes of 17 members to warn them of threats against their lives.

Then on Friday the Army bomb squad was called in to deal with a suspected bomb near the home of three band members off the Crumlin Road.

Band spokesman Paul Shaw said: “The security alert on Friday night could have been innocent or could have been a malicious phone call to police. We don’t know.

“We have asked police but they said they could not give us any further information for intelligence reasons.”

He understands that the death threat against the band was made in the form of a phone call from a republican area of Belfast.

The Army bomb squad later said that nothing untoward was found.

The police press office was last night not available for comment.