College expels pupils over ‘organised fight’ video

Holy Trinity College Cookstown
Holy Trinity College Cookstown

Cookstown’s Holy Trinity College has reportedly expelled two students who were believed to be involved in an organised fight with another student at the school in January.

A video of the attack, which racked up tens of thousands of views online, showed one male student hitting another pupil – who appeared to be completely off guard – in the school corridor.

School principal Isabel Russell said at the time she was “treating the incident as extremely serious”.

Now it has emerged that a letter has been sent out to parents, notifying them that two of the pupils involved have been expelled.

It is understood the letter said the decision one an easy one, but that the young man who threw the punch has been excluded along with the student who videoed the fight.

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The letter is also reported to have said Holy Trinity takes such incidents very seriously and that the PSNI is investigating.