Council admits mistake but says bonfire injunction still valid

Ravenscroft Avenue was one of the bonfires named in the injunction
Ravenscroft Avenue was one of the bonfires named in the injunction

Belfast City Council has admitted that a High Court injunction against four east Belfast bonfires was not displayed at the sites as detailed in the court order.

The council was granted an injunction to prevent further material being added to sites at Ravenscroft Avenue, Avoniel Leisure Centre car park, Cregagh Park East and Inverary playing fields, though it did not follow court guidelines by “affixing notice of any order made by the court to lampposts or any other conspicuous portion of the site”.

Despite the absence of the notice at sites, council said the injunction remains valid.

A Belfast City Council spokesman said: “While the injunction was not fixed at the sites, the order was published on the Belfast City Council website and carried extensively in the media and social media, and therefore was active.

“The court has jurisdiction, in any circumstances, to deem that an individual has had service or sufficient knowledge of the terms of the injunction as to render them in contempt of court in the event that the terms were breached.”

The spokesman confirmed breaches of the injunction were still being pursued: “Three alleged breaches of the injunction have been reported to the council.

“The council will review any information received, either directly or via the police, relating to any persons allegedly breaching the injunction and will consider what further action is appropriate.”

A Lord Chief Justice’s office spokeswoman said the court order was made “in the exact terms requested by the council”, adding it was “not for it to say whether a party has taken appropriate steps to give effect to it unless the matter is brought back to court”.