Court: Antrim pharmacist charged over wrong medication


An Antrim pharmacist has been charged with dispensing the wrong medication.

Appearing in Antrim Magistrates Court on Tuesday, smartly dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and tie, 47-year-old Martin White confirmed he was aware of the single charge against him.

White, from the Belfast Road in Muckamore, is accused of supplying a medicinal product “which was not of the nature or quality specified in the prescription, to the prejudice of Ethna Walsh,” on February 6, 2014.

No facts surrounding the allegation were opened in court but during the brief preliminary enquiry, a prosecution lawyer submitted that the legal papers and statements formed the basis of a case for White to answer.

As his defence lawyer had no contrary submissions, District Judge Alan White said he was satisfied there was a prima facie case against the pharmacist.

White was told that although not obliged to, he had the right to comment on the charge, give evidence to the preliminary enquiry himself or call witnesses on his behalf but he declined by the opportunity.

Mr White remains on bail with the case referred to Antrim Crown Court for a his arraignment on October 25.