‘Criminal gang’ behind bomb

Conor Murphy MP
Conor Murphy MP

Police are investigating a report that a man has been injured in an explosion in south Armagh.

Sinn Fein MP Conor Murphy said the man sustained injuries when some form of device exploded as he climbed a pole to remove a poster outside Crossmaglen yesterday morning.

Blaming “criminals masquerading as republicans”, Mr Murphy said the poster made allegations about members of the community and the injured man had been trying to take it down when a booby-trap device exploded.

While the incident is understood to have happened mid-morning, the PSNI said it only received a report about it around 2.30pm.

Newry and Armagh MP Mr Murphy said: “Over recent months criminal gangs masquerading as republicans have threatened the family of the young man injured.

“Police recently visited the family and told them there was a threat from this group.

“Now these people have attempted to kill a member of the family with a device placed close to their home.

“In recent months death threats have also been made against a number of Sinn Fein activists, including myself. Let me be absolutely clear; this was the work of a gang of criminals and I unreservedly condemn this latest cowardly action.”