Crumlin vigilante group ‘death threats’ condemned

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The police and a local councillor have condemned apparent death threats being issued by a vigilante group in Crumlin.

An apparently new group, styling itself Crumlin Action Against Drugs, reportedly issued a death threat against three men and warned five others of serious consequences if they didn’t stop their alleged criminal activities.

It said three men were reportedly ordered out of Crumlin or they would “face execution”, and the other five were warned to “desist from drug dealing, housebreaking and anti-social activity forthwith or we will deal with them”. The threat emerged in the Sunday Life.

The group said it was made up of “former republican prisoners disillusioned with the peace process” but insisted it was separate from Action Against Drugs, which was involved in the recent murder of Kevin McGuigan in Belfast.

The Crumlin group allegedly threatened two former associates of Kieran McManus, 26, who was shot dead in Belfast two years again, but who was living in Crumlin at the time.

UUP councillor Paul Michael, who is a member of the Policing and Community Safety Partnership for the area, strongly condemned the apparent threats.

“Crowds did protest outside a house in Crumlin earlier this year, supposedly on drugs-related grounds,” he said. “However, I would not say that the drugs issue in Crumlin is any greater than anywhere else.”

He said the top issue in Crumlin was anti-social behaviour – something the new group also appeared to accuse its targets of.

The PSNI said it “does not tolerate any type of vigilante activity” and appealed for information.