David McConaghie voyeurism conviction: Simpson welcomes verdict

David Simpson spoke of the 'horrendous ordeal for my staff'
David Simpson spoke of the 'horrendous ordeal for my staff'

David Simpson has welcomed the conviction of the man who had been a key adviser to him, ranging from before the time he defeated David Trimble to enter Parliament in 2005 until the camera was found in the office toilet.

The Upper Bann MP issued a statement which he said will be his only comment on “what had been a very disturbing matter” in order not to prolong what was “a horrendous ordeal for my staff”.

David McConaghie was convicted on Wednesday – for full details of the case, click here.

He said: “The judge has made the correct decision which I wholeheartedly welcome.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for my staff, but particularly for the victims.

“I wish to thank the PSNI and the PPS for their sensitive handling of this matter. Also my party colleagues for their support and the court staff for their kindness.

“Most importantly, I thank my staff and pay tribute to their bravery in giving evidence and withstanding a harsh, invasive cross-examination.

“I don’t intend to make any further comment on this very distressing matter, save to say my staff will receive every support as they move on from their ordeal.”

It was Mr Simpson who insisted the PSNI should be involved, and gave evidence in court for the prosecution.

He told the court he had been given the device by the member of staff who found it, and put it in a locked drawer.

He said he met his male staff collectively and expressed his concern about what had been found, and told them that he was going to the police.

After the discovery of the device on the Wednesday, Mr McConaghie met Mr Simpson on Saturday and resigned.

He spoke to a PSNI officer on the Monday, then gave the device to police about a fortnight after it had been found.