David Tweed suspended from TUV while on sex charges trial

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A TUV councillor currently facing sex abuse charges has been suspended from the party.

David Tweed, a former Ireland rugby player, is a councillor in Ballymena but his party said he has been suspended from the gorup since being charged with the abuse of two young girls over an eight-year period some years ago.

Mr Tweed, aged 53 and from Ballymoney, is currently on trial at Antrim Crown Court.

The party spokesman said: “For public clarification we wish to make it clear that TUV rules explicitly provide that upon any member being charged with a Crown Court offence they stand suspended from the party until the outcome of the criminal proceedings is known.

“Accordingly, Cllr David Tweed has been suspended from party membership since he was charged - not because we doubt his innocence, but because this is what the party rules require.”