Development in murder probe

IRA murder victim Heidi Hazell
IRA murder victim Heidi Hazell

German authorities have assigned an investigator to the 1989 IRA murder of a British soldier’s wife in Dortmund, her family have revealed.

Joseph Anan – whose wife Melanie travelled to Belfast in March to address Stormont on the European Day for Victims of Terrorism about how the IRA murder of her aunt Heidi Hazell had torn her family apart, and to speak to the PSNI – said they had just received the news “from the police authorities and we will meet them on May 18”.

Speaking from his home in Niedersachen, Germany, Mr Anan said: “The authorities have a special unit that handles these types of cases and they have decided who will take the case and how many people they need. So now they have contacted us (on Wednesday) and Melanie will go over all the information she has with them.”

Mr Anan said more than 200 signatures have been added to a petition for the “removal of terrorists from political positions in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the European Parliament”.

The petition was launched on April 22 by Mrs Anan on media platform requesting that the European Parliament “react to the concerns of the undersigned, comprised of victims of terrorism, those immediately affected by terrorism and those advocating for justice”, saying they “fear for our health, welfare and safety and see our economic prosperity endangered”, due to the presence of “terrorist representatives” within the Assembly and a “terrorist representative” from Northern Ireland within the European Parliament.

The petition, which “formally requests the removal of terrorists from positions of authority and political influence”, asks “that our fundamental right to security, freedom and democracy is valued and upheld and that our tremendous anguish and deepest sorrow for the loss of our loved ones remains untouched from scrutiny placed upon us by the terrorists that murdered them”.

Mr Anan said: “Already we have been contacted by some people from the Northern Ireland government who are supporting the petition.”

In March Mrs Anan, 41, told the News Letter how the murder of her 26-year-old aunt “brought terror to her family”.

Mrs Hazell, who was the German wife of British Army sergeant Clive Hazell, was killed outside her married quarters in Unna-Massen, a Dortmund suburb.

She was murdered when a man in British Army fatigues approached her car as she was parking and pumped 12 bullets from a Kalashnikov into her upper body.

The following day the IRA said she had been mistaken for a soldier.