Dundonald man ‘caught red-handed’ selling stolen goods


A 23-year-old man with 56 previous convictions has been jailed after he was caught red-handed trying to sell stolen goods.

Ryan James McCoo, from Moatview Park in Dundonald, was handed a two-year sentence after he admitted a charge of receiving stolen goods on a date between September 14 and 16 last year.

McCoo was told by Judge Gordon Kerr QC that he will spend six months of his sentence in custody, with the remaining 18 months on supervised licence upon his release.

Belfast Crown Court heard that last September McCoo found himself “short of money” and to remedy this, he got in touch with someone he knew to buy stolen goods. The goods in question – which were stolen during a burglary – included DVD box sets and a signed Ultimate Warrior figure.

McCoo was in the process of taking the items to a Cash Convertor in Belfast city centre when he was apprehended by police.

The judge said it was “perfectly clear this defendant was caught red-handed”, although the court also heard how McCoo had expressed a desire to “get out of the cycle of offending”.