DUP leader heartened by co-operation pledge

Peter Robinson.
Peter Robinson.

First Minister Peter Robinson has said he is disappointed by the Secretary of State’s announcement on Kincora, but heartened by the promise of co-operation from the Government for the Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry.

The DUP leader said he welcomed “this commitment from Her Majesty’s Government that there will be the ‘fullest possible’ cooperation with the inquiry where evidence is required and requested”.

Mr Robinson said he would “now be seeking clarification from the chairman of the HIA inquiry to ensure he is fully satisfied ... that he now has the range of powers and cooperation he requires to carry out a robust and thorough investigation of all the issues in relation to Kincora”.

In a statement yesterday, Sir Anthony Hart, chairman of the HIA inquiry, said: “We are satisfied that the assurance of full co-operation by all Government Departments and agencies, and the satisfactory resolution by HM Government of the other issues the Inquiry has raised with it, will provide our HIA inquiry with the ability and financial resources to carry out an effective and thorough investigation into all the Kincora allegations.”

The HIA inquiry is not expected to examine Kincora before the end of 2015 at the earliest.