DUP wants longer sentences for attacks on elderly


The DUP is seeking to tilt the balance away from the criminals and towards the innocent victims of crime, according to one of its MPs.

And anyone who attacks and injures an older person can expect to go to jail for a long time, under new proposals.

Dr William McCrea was speaking at the launch of the DUP’s policy document addressing law and order issues.

Entitled “Tough, but Fair”, the paper was unveiled in Ballyclare on Friday.

Dr McCrea was joined by senior colleagues, including Arlene Foster and Jonathan Bell.

“The DUP is fully committed to creating a society in which people are safe, secure and protected,” said Dr McCrea.

“For too long people have felt as though the forces of law and order are not fully on their side. We are working to change that. Whether the hindrance lies at a local, national or European level then we want to see it tackled.”

The DUP paper proposes a minimum seven-year prison sentence for any person who attacks and physically injures an older person in their home.

Dr McCrea said: “Attacks on older people have a more devastating impact than attacks on younger citizens. The sentencing regime in this area should take account of that.”