Electric meter scammer steals cash from Inverwood home

Electric meter
Electric meter

A PSNI Constable has warned how a scammer managed to steal cash from a house in east Belfast whilst posing as a worker for Northern Ireland Electric.

Constable Allen, from Strandtown, shared the story on social media and reminded people that “if someone calls at your door and you are not sure who they are, do not let them in.”

Writing on the PSNI East Belfast Facebook page, Constable Allen wrote: “I am writing today for two reasons, one is for witnesses and the second is for advice.

The PSNI Constable continued: “On Wednesday 8 November 2017, a distraction burglary occurred in the Inverwood area of East Belfast. On this occasion a male entered claiming to be from NIE to check the meter. Whilst doing so another male knocked the door and claimed to be from a company called Sovereign.

“He was asking to switch electric suppliers. It appears that while this male was at the door, the ‘NIE’ male took a quantity of money from the house.

If you noticed anything suspicious in the area at around 10am, please contact your local police on 101 and quote reference number 360 8.11.17.”

Constable Allen continued: Now onto the advice. Sovereign does not supply to Northern Ireland. If someone calls at your door and you are not sure who they are, do not let them in. Check ID if they have it. If they are let in, under no circumstances leave them alone. That is what they want.

If you are in doubt of anyone’s identity don’t open the door to them.”