‘Evil scum’ behind barbaric attack on pregnant sheep

The collision happened on Monday morning.
The collision happened on Monday morning.
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A farmer whose pregnant sheep was killed and mutilated in a barbaric attack has described those responsible and “sick and twisted”.

Arron Lamont has spoken of his horror after finding one of his pedigree ewe skinned, with its legs chopped off and its throat slit, in a field outside Kilrea on Sunday morning.

Police are investigating the brutal incident, and Mr Lamont is now warning other farmers to be vigilant.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” the 35-year-old told the News Letter.

“When I first found the sheep I thought it must have been a dog attack. But then I saw that found its wool and skin had been peeled off, there was a clean cut across its throat and its four had been legs hacked off.

“Only a really sick individual could have done something like this. The animal was completely butchered. Whoever was behind this is evil scum.”

The part-time farmer said the pedigree ewe had been due to lamb in a matter of weeks, and he believes the shock of the incident has caused some of his other ewes to lamb early.

When asked if he had any idea why someone would carry out such a horrific attack on one of his animals, Mr Lamont told the News Letter: “I haven’t fallen out with anyone and I don’t think I have any enemies out there. If I do I hope they will come to me so we can sort it out. The whole thing has left me puzzled and sickened.”

Mr Lamont said his seven-year-old son Alfie is “mad about sheep” and would be “completely devastated” to learn about what happened.

He added: “I drive a lorry all day, try to earn a bit of money so we can build up our flock. We are trying to buy in pedigree ewes and build up a decent bloodline so a couple of years down the line my son and I can maybe start showing them.”

Hundreds of people on social media have expressed their anger and disgust at the incident, with one person stating: “What kind of sick heartless twisted disgusting person would do such a thing to an innocent defenceless animal?”

Another wrote: “How horrifying! What kind of person would do something like that?”

In a statement today, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Police received a report of the remains of a badly mutilated sheep being found in the Bann Road area of Kilrea on Sunday, September 30.

“Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact officers in Limavady on 101, quoting reference 510 of 30/09/18.”