Fears rogue UDA branch could ‘paint town red’

New UDA mural in Carrickfergus
New UDA mural in Carrickfergus

A Co Antrim councillor has warned that a volatile arm of the UDA has no intention of altering its new mural – and may add more.

Independent unionist Jim Brown met a man connected with the group’s south-east Antrim faction over the recently-erected Carrickfergus mural on Wednesday.

“Their response was: ‘if you keep complaining, you’ll have more’,” he said.

He added the man threatened to “paint the town red” by adding more such images – something councillor Brown said was not reflective of the Province’s true Protestant heritage.

The South East Antrim section, which has distanced itself from the main organisation, was blamed for a violent rampage in Larne last year, among other incidents.