Figures show cut in number of burglaries in Northern Ireland

A burgled kitchen
A burgled kitchen

The number of burglaries reported in Northern Ireland has reduced by more than a third, police said.

A senior PSNI officer said enforcement activity had reduced the tally this year.

The force recorded a 37% drop in domestic burglary from 281 last year to 177 this year.

Temporary chief superintendent Simon Walls said: “Our focused period of enforcement activity has once again reduced the incidence of burglaries.

“Indeed, over the last two years domestic burglaries have shown a downwards trend. Non domestic burglaries have also been decreasing over that period.”

Operation Cordella was mounted across Northern Ireland between September 26 and October 9. This was a follow-up to an earlier campaign last February and March.

Figures show a 37% drop in overall domestic burglary.

The number affecting people over 60 years of age dropped by 14% from 65 last year to 56 this year.

During the two-week operation, police arrested 42 suspects and conducted 27 searches.

A total of 64 charges or reports to the Public Prosecution Service resulted from police investigations over this period.

District officers, organised crime detectives, tactical support groups and traffic police took part in the operation.

This involved mounting vehicle check points, conducting searches at premises of interest, deploying cash sniffer dogs and providing advice and information to householders and business owners on how to secure their premises.