Frazer: Abu Hamza court costume ‘not a gimmick’

Willie Frazer
Willie Frazer

Victims campaigner Willie Frazer has defended his intention to turn up at his next court hearing dressed as Muslim extremist Abu Hamza.

Frazer, from Markethill, said he will arrive at court in Belfast at the end of the month in costume “to make a point”.

The 53 year-old faces charges including encouraging or assisting offences when he made a speech to flag protestors at the City Hall earlier this year.

He is also accused of taking part in un-notified public processions, obstructing traffic in a public place, and possession of a prohibited weapon – namely a Taser.

Mr Frazer told the News Letter that he had the idea at his last court appearance when he “saw how much fumbling was being done over my case”.

“I am the first man to have been charged with this law brought in to deal with Muslim extremists, it’s a farce,” he said.

Abu Hamza, who had been charged with terrorist offences including intent to stir up racial hatred, was finally deported from the UK in October last year, after an eight-year high profile battle.

Mr Frazer said he feels he is being classed in the same category as the Muslim preacher.

He said: “How can they equate the two?”

Mr Frazer acknowledged many might find his plan unbelievable.

“People can think this is a gimmick all they like, but for me it is my life we’re talking about,” he said.

“I’m the one being dragged to court every few weeks.”

Mr Frazer said he also plans to carry a placard reading: ‘They didn’t deport me, they sent me for an interview to Stormont’.