Gang of youths attack people coming home from work with fireworks, bricks and bottles

The PSNI has condemned a group of young people in the strongest possible terms after they attacked both the police and civilians with fireworks, bricks and bottles on Wednesday.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 3:22 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 3:26 pm
The PSNI condemned those behind the attacks.

In a strongly worded statement on social media, PSNI in Cookstown lambasted those responsible for the attacks in Ratheen and Westland Road.

The police went as far as to say a driver injured during the incident could have been "killed" and it was only by luck there was not "multiple injuries/fatalities".

"We [Cookstown PSNI] had our own display of thuggery and antisocial behaviour in Ratheen and out onto Westland Road the same night.

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The PSNI condemned those behind the attacks.

"Except it wasn’t just us who were attacked, people returning from work were attacked with fireworks, bricks and bottles aimed at us.

"We had the disgusting incident were a brick thrown at us missed the police car and smashed through the window of a car travelling behind hitting the driver.

"One, we could have been looking at the driver being killed and Two, if the driver had lost control we could have been dealing with multiple injuries/fatalities."

The PSNI added: "There are more than a few need to catch a grip of themselves. You get on like that then you aren’t welcome in Cookstown, or Mid Ulster for that matter. We cover great towns and great estates within them, a thuggish few won’t be allowed to destroy them.

"People are sick sore and tired of antisocial behaviour from those who run around with bricks in one hand and a mobile phone with the ombudsman on speed dial in the other.

"If you behave like a thug you will meet with a robust response from us - and just because you don’t get caught on the night don’t think we won’t be coming through your door a few days later."