Garvaghy Road ban for man accused of attacking police with plant pot and plank

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A man accused of attacking police with a plant pot and plank of wood is to be banned from entering Portadown’s Garvaghy Road, a High Court judge has ordered.

The exclusion zone was imposed as part of conditions under which 24-year-old Shea Reynolds was granted bail.

Reynolds, of Limefield Rise in Craigavon, Co Armagh, is charged with three counts of assault on police, disorderly behaviour and possessing an offensive weapon with intent to commit an indictable offence.

The alleged offences are linked to a suspected attack on vehicles in the Garvaghy Road area on March 18.

Crown lawyer Iryna Kennedy claimed police called to the scene saw Reynolds arguing with members of the public before running away.

Officers located him later, drunk and hiding in a rear garden, the court heard.

Mrs Kennedy said: “When they entered he lifted a piece of wood and a plant pot and began screaming at police.”

Reynolds aggressively threw the pot at one officer and targeted two others with the plank, it was alleged.

“He struck one officer on the head and another on the shoulder with this implement,” Mrs Kennedy claimed.

Mr Justice Huddleston was told CS spray had to be deployed as part of efforts to subdue Reynolds.

The accused had been on bail, but was returned to custody for allegedly breaching his curfew conditions.

Reynolds’ lawyer rejected prosecution submissions that he was at large for two days, arguing that he had gone to comfort his partner amid disturbances near her home.

Readmitting Reynolds to bail, Mr Justice Huddleston imposed electronic tagging and an alcohol ban.

The judge also confirmed: “He is to be excluded from the Garvaghy Road area of Portadown.”