Graphic pro-life displays defended

Anti-abortion campaigner Bernie Smyth. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire
Anti-abortion campaigner Bernie Smyth. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Three pro-life groups are to display “large graphic images of aborted babies” in Belfast, Dublin and Manchester today.

Precious Life of Northern Ireland, Abort67 from England and the Irish Centre for Bioethical Reform (ICBR) are acting in response to a UK government decision last month to pay for the abortions of women from Northern Ireland. Previously they had to pay, in part because abortion law is much tighter in Northern Ireland.

Bernadette Smyth, director of Precious Life said Westminster was “riding roughshod” over Northern Ireland’s democratic position of limiting abortion only to cases where the mother’s health is at risk.

“We are standing outside Belfast International Airport to show women the truth about abortion, before the abortion providers lie to them about what abortion actually does to them and their baby,” she said.

Ruth Rawlins, of Abort67 said that pregnancy “isn’t a disease that needs to be cured... This is about the abortion industry expanding business and increasing profits off the blood of Irish babies.”

Jean-Simonis, director of ICBR, added: “Most abortions on Irish women in the UK are performed by BPAS or Marie Stopes. That is why we are joining together to stand as part of a consumer protection initiative. We will show their ‘consumer client’ what they would never dare to – abortion reality.”

She insisted their plan was educational. “If we find it so distressing to look at abortion photos, why would we tolerate abortion practice? If showing this is way too awful, then why do we make it lawful?”