I apologise for an error in my letter about swearing on the Bible


I write to offer an apology and correct an error in my letter (‘Police officers swear in testimony on the Bible, which condemns homosexuality, so the PSNI stance on Pride is hypocritical,’ Aug 2) entitled ‘PSNI hypocrisy’.

I was incorrect to state that ‘every’ police officer ‘must’ swear on the Bible before giving evidence in a court of law.

Unknown to me, the procedure had been amended, thus creating an option for police officers to personally ‘affirm’ his or her evidence to be true, as opposed to taking an oath on the Bible.

While I am informed that the actual number of officers who decline to swear on the Bible is negligible, and while it could be argued that this amendment points to the diminishing status of the Bible in our courts, I do nonetheless offer a sincere apology for any hurt or offence caused particularly to serving police officers.

Ken McFarland, Omagh