‘IRA apparel’ denies links to terrorism

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A US clothing company naming itself IRA Apparel has denied any links to Irish republican terrorism.

The San Francisco-based firm’s name stands for Impact Reduction Apparel, with the company selling caps and T-Shirts clothes with large ‘IRA’ logos.

Twitter users were yesterday flooding the company with jokes and criticism. But the company responded in a tweet: “Impact Reduction Apparel is who we are. We have no affiliation with ANY terror groups.”

The message was retweeted by almost 1,700 people. One mischievous Twitter user offered some advice on how to stop the row. “You should change it to Personal Impact Reduction Apparel. That would be okay ...” he tweeted.

Its main product is called the ‘IRA Skullcap’, a padded cushion inside baseball caps which protect skateboarders’ heads.