IRA man’s brother disgusted at Sinn Fein treatment of McConvilles

Daniel Bradley, brother of IRA man Seamus Bradley who was shot during the same year as Jean McConville.
Daniel Bradley, brother of IRA man Seamus Bradley who was shot during the same year as Jean McConville.

The brother of an IRA man shot dead by the Army has said he is “disgusted” at how the Sinn Fein leadership is treating the family of Jean McConville.

Daniel Bradley, from Londonderry, whose brother Seamus was shot dead during Operation Motorman in the city in 1972, said only now does he know the full horror of the widow’s abduction and murder.

Following the arrest of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams for questioning about the McConville killing, Mrs McConville’s son Michael revealed further details of the impact the atrocity has had on his family.

He said, even now, he is in fear of republican reprisals if he names members of the IRA gang who dragged his mother from their arms, never to be seen alive again.

Mr Bradley said it was difficult to witness the hurt caused to the McConville family by the organisation his brother joined as a teenager.

“It is hurting me, and for that man not to be free to say who it was is... I feel hurt for that family.

“I am hoping and praying that he gets strength to challenge them. All the police want is one witness.

“He knows who was in that room [during the abduction] and it must be really gutting for him. I can see the pain in him that these people are getting away with it.”

Mr Bradley said the IRA should have had more sympathy for a widowed mother-of-10.

“I am disgusted by what the IRA did to this woman.

“I knew of the woman, but I didn’t know the full extent of the cruelty. It was only last week I read the story that they broke her bones and put two shots in her head.

“It made me feel sick, so this morning I decide to write a letter to that family as a republican person, who did suffer, but not as much as that family.

“I apologise and I am ashamed, basically, that they do not put up their hands and say ‘we did it and it was wrong’.

“Adams and McGuinness are talking about an independent truth process but it has to start at home first.”

Commenting on the statements provided for the Boston College project by former senior republicans, Mr Bradley said some of them did so out of guilt about the McConville murder.

“Brendan Hughes was riddled with guilt. Dolours Price the same problem – riddled with guilt.”