Irwin brands IRA graffiti at Laurelvale cricket ground ‘sinister’

William Irwin MLA at Laurelvale Cricket Club.
William Irwin MLA at Laurelvale Cricket Club.

A DUP assemblyman has condemned those responsible for the latest sectarian incident in the Craigavon area.

William Irwin described the appearance of republican graffiti at Laurelvale Cricket Club near Portadown as “sinister vandalism”.

Mr Irwin said the vandals used spray paint to write ‘IRA’ on hoardings, and has concerns it is part of an orchestrated campaign.

“I totally condemn those behind this act of sectarianism, especially so as Laurelvale is a quiet and close knit community.

“Certainly the wider community would totally reject this sinister vandalism and in light of the fact that the letters IRA have been sprayed makes this all the more despicable and it must stop immediately.”

Mr Irwin added: “There have been a number of concerning incidents across the borough orchestrated by republicans in recent days and the targeting of a valued community resource and sporting organisation in Laurelvale, shows just how out of touch with reality those behind this vandalism really are.”

Independent councillor Paul Berry called on residents to “ignore such provocation,” and added: “I live in the village and when I was informed about this act of vandalism and sectarian behaviour I contacted our Council team to have this removed as soon as possible”.