Long arm of law saves a damsel in distress

The PSNI Sergeant helped a calving cow at Florencecourt in Fermanagh
The PSNI Sergeant helped a calving cow at Florencecourt in Fermanagh

The long arm of the law in Fermanagh was put to good effect this week in rescuing a damsel in distress - a calving cow.

Eagle-eyed officers were on patrol in Florencecourt when they spotted the animal giving birth and stopped to help.

Fermanagh PSNI put the story on Facebook and promised to publish the photographic proof if they got 100 likes - which they did.

Members of the public then joined in good-natured banter about the escapade in subsequent comments.

The PSNI post said: “Well today was an interesting day for our Sergeant. While on patrol in the Florencecourt area he actually got his hands dirty. I mean this literally.

“There was a cow who was giving birth in a field close to the road. The eagle-eyed constable with the Sergeant spotted it and pointed it out. Our Sergeant, never leaving a female in distress, jumped to the cow’s aid and helped deliver the calf.”

Debbie Brown responded that it sounded like “a cop and bull story till we saw the photographic evidence”, while Brian Cassidy went for the tried and tested “Moove along, there’s nothing to see, as coppers like to say...Good work”.

Emma Moore Orla McFarland added: “If this is who I think it might be, he’s gonna get some serious abuse next time I see him”, while Dave Parkinson accused the PSNI of “really milking it”.

But the best response undoubtedly came from David Johnston: “Give that officer the rest of the wee calf!”