Major drugs charity on brink of insolvency

A range of drugs recently seized by the PSNI
A range of drugs recently seized by the PSNI

An anti-drugs charity with 60 paid staff has halted all its work as it announced that it is facing the possibility of “immediate and terminal” insolvency.

The Forum for Action on Substance Abuse/Suicide Awareness (FASA) said that it has suspended its services as it seeks “urgent meetings with funders and with political representatives at the highest level to avert this crisis”.

As well as the 60 staff the organisation (which is headquartered in Belfast) also has about 70 volunteers.

It has run a string of projects to tackle drug and alcohol abuse.

It said that it has fought to keep up with what it called the “exceptional” demand for its services, “something at this point that has put us at risk as an organisation”.

It asked anyone requiring support to contact Lifeline on 0800 808 8000, or the Samaritans on 116 123.