Man choked father in row over loud music


A man who tried to choke his father with his legs after being challenged about playing loud music has avoided jail.

Jakub Borkowski was given a four-month suspended prison term for what his lawyer described as a “brawl” at their home in south Belfast.

The 22-year-old Polish national, of Chesham Park in the city, also slapped his sister when she intervened.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard police were called to the house last Friday night amid reports Borkowski had carried out the assaults following a row.

He had disagreed with his father over a painting and decorating job they had carried out together.

Borkowski went to his bedroom and drank three tins of beer before being asked to turn down the music, a prosecution lawyer said.

The court heard he then turned violent, punching his father and attempting to choke him with his legs.

When his sister tried to get him off he slapped her to the face.

Borkowski also pushed a police officer and broke the lock on a door at the property.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault and further offences of criminal damage and assault on police.

Defence counsel Michael Boyd said his client had been doing casual painting and decorating work with his father to earn money for his own family back in Poland.

“They had some trivial falling out over the standard of work on their last job,” he told the court.

“This passed off, Mr Borkowski went to the shop and bought some beers, came back and was playing music loudly when his father challenged him.

“Matters got out of hand and ended up in a brawl with his father which, unfortunately, his sister got in the middle of.”

Mr Boyd added that Borkowski is now likely to reconcile with his family.

“Managing his anger is something he is going to have to get a hold of,” counsel acknowledged.

Imposing a total of four months imprisonment, District Judge Fiona Bagnall suspended the terms for 12 months.