Man granted bail for day to visit his doctor


A 21-year-old Bangor man facing charges of injuring a security guard at the Ulster Hospital’s A&E department whilst drunk has been granted bail to attend his GP in a bid to seek treatment for alcohol addiction.

Daniel Madden has been charged with causing the security guard grievous bodily harm, and of using disorderly behaviour last December. It is understood that during an incident, the guard sustained a broken wrist.

Belfast High Court heard that Madden, from Central Avenue, was granted bail but was re-arrested last week for breaching his curfew and his ban of alcohol. In addition, he faces an additional charge of theft.

A defence barrister asked that his client be released on bail so he could treat his alcohol addiction.

A Crown prosecutor told Mr Justice Horner that alcohol consumption was the “significant issue” with Madden and something which underlined his offending. He also revealed that if police were satisfied Madden “abided by an alcohol prohibition and got help”, they would not oppose his release.

Mr Justice Horner refused, at this stage, to release Madden on full bail but said he was willing to release him for one day, to allow him to attend his GP. Mr Justice Horner said he would reconsider the application if and when a treatment programme was in place.