Man shot dead outside N.I. school - What we know so far

A man has been shot dead outside a school in Northern Ireland - here's what we know so far.

When and where did the shooting occur?

The scene of the shooting in west Belfast on Tuesday, December 4

The scene of the shooting in west Belfast on Tuesday, December 4

Outside of St Mary's Christian Brothers' Grammar School in West Belfast shortly after 3:00pm.

What happened?

Details are sketchy at the moment but some sources have said the dead man was collecting his son from school when he was shot.

Some eyewitnesses reported hearing as many as six shots.

Has the identity of the dead man been released?

No. Not yet.

Were there children present when the man was shot?

Yes. It is believed several school children witness the fatal shooting.

What are local elected representatives in the area saying?

Belfast City Councillor, Tim Attwood, said: "It is absolutely sickening that a gun was fired in the vicinity of both a primary and secondary school in west Belfast today.

“A number of pupils witnessed this fatality and are understandably very disturbed and frightened after this reckless act occurred nearby the school gates.

“There is absolutely no place for this in 2018; this madness belongs in the past and we cannot allow it to once again become our normality.

“I cannot stress enough that any information relating to this incident must be passed to the PSNI immediately.”

People Before Profit MLA Gerry Carroll said: "News that somebody has been shot several times on the Glen Road is horrible and deeply concerning and should be condemned by everybody. It is especially worrying given the amount of children and young people in the area at that time, that somebody sees fit to pull a gun and open fire in the middle of the day."