Man shot in face in north Belfast attack


A man was shot in the face in a gun attack in Belfast on Sunday night.

Police said the victim had been left in a “serious” condition.

The incident happened in St James Street area off the Antrim Road; part of a largely republican neighbourhood in the New Lodge area in the north of the city.

The PSNI said two males had attacked him at 9pm. The victim is in his 50s.

The street was closed in the wake of the shooting.

Although the PSNI had given his condition as serious, the Belfast Health Trust said that he was still in the process of being assessed.

Brian Kingston, DUP councillor for north Belfast, branded the crime “appalling”.

He said: “This must be regarded as attempted murder. Whilst the circumstances of this shooting have yet to become clear, it is to be utterly condemned. There is no justification for the illegal use of weapons.”

He recalled that a man had been shot at a takeaway on the Oldpark Road in north Belfast in late January, adding that parts of the area are “plagued with criminal gangs”.

There was no indication the two incidents were linked.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly, North Belfast MLA, said: “Those behind this shooting are criminals and have nothing to offer this community.”

He urged anyone with information to contact police.