Man ‘stabbed father to get his attention’

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A man accused of trying to stab his father to death claimed he acted to gain attention, the High Court has heard.

Pearse Hyndman allegedly inflicted knife wounds to the victim’s back and groin after being confronted about smashing a car window on a west Belfast street.

A prosecutor said the 21-year-old ran at his father after shouting: “I’m going to cut your throat, d*******.”

Hyndman, of Benares Street in the city, faces charges of attempted murder and possessing a bladed article over the alleged attack in the early hours of March 5.

Adjourning his bail application, a judge ordered a full psychiatric report.

Crown lawyer Conor Maguire said the defendant’s father, Patrick Hyndman, was woken by a traffic cone being thrown through the window of his partner’s car.

When he gave chase up Violet Street the suspect allegedly turned around, armed with a knife.

The court heard Patrick Hyndman realised it was his son, who then issued threats and ran towards him.

Mr Maguire claimed the victim was stabbed twice during the ensuing struggle.

He was taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Hospital, where bleeding to his groin area was stemmed and his back wound glued together.

As the accused was being arrested he allegedly shouted to his father: “Listen d*******, when this is all over I’m going to come back and do you proper.”

It was also claimed that he told police: “You better not give me bail, I will kill the b******.”

Mr Justice Horner heard Pearse Hyndman had drunk seven tins of beer and a bottle of wine, and taken diazepam pills, before going to his father’s house.

When fit to be interviewed later he said he had been “over-thinking things and completely lost it” by allegedly lifting the traffic cone.

“He said he did it to get his father’s attention, he said his father had given him all sorts of pain so he wanted to give it back to him,” Mr Maguire added.

Denying any attention to stab, he stated that he remembers going “toe to toe” with his father on Violet Street.

The accused, who also faces charges of threats to kill and criminal damage, claimed the knife was for his own protection while out at that time of night.

A defence barrister argued that Pearse Hyndman suffers from a number of mental health problems.

He told the court his client had spent a period living with his father, indulging in a partying lifestyle he wasn’t used to.

“He was treated by his father more as a peer than as a son,” counsel said.

But Mr Justice Horner insisted he needed a full report on the mental health issues and possible treatment before taking any decision on bail.

The judge added: “His alleged behaviour on the night in question is totally unacceptable by any civilised standards.”