Man swung golf club at police officers’ heads after smashing up parents’ home

A man who swung a golf club at police officers’ heads after smashing up his parents’ home has been given a conditional discharge.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 3:55 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd December 2020, 5:59 pm

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard the constables had to use CS spray to bring Eamonn Jordan under control during the confrontation in the south of the city.

But the 24-year-old was praised for how he has turned his life around since the incident earlier this year.

Jordan, currently of no fixed abode, admitted criminal damage, possessing an offensive weapon with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, and two counts of assault on police.

Police went to Harberton Park in the early hours of May 18 amid reports of ongoing disturbances at a house on the street. Two constables heard the sound of smashed coming from the rear of the property, where they discovered Jordan brandishing a golf club.

“He made his way towards police and swung the club at the officers’ heads,” a Crown lawyer said. “They shouted at him to drop the club, but he continued to swing it.” CS spray and baton strikes were then deployed to nullify the threat being posed.

Six double-glazed windows had been smashed, with further damage to an internal door and various items of furniture, police said previously.

Jordan also head-butted and kicked the door of a cell van.

During his first court appearance Jordan detailed issues with drug and alcohol dependency. Defence solicitor Denis Moloney confirmed that a drink and drugs awareness course has now been completed in record time.

With Jordan’s parents present in court to support him, Mr Moloney said: “He has turned his life around.”

Confirming the one-year conditional discharge, District Judge Fiona Bagnall acknowledged the defendant’s work in completing the programme.

She added: “I wish him every success.”