Man told police: ‘RUC scum, I’d love to kill you’

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A man behaving disorderly in Belfast told police, “I’d love to kill you, I’ve killed two of youse already”, a court heard on Thursday.

Seamus Logue was given 75 hours community service for his actions near the city centre last month.

Passing sentence, Judge Joe Rice warned the 52-year-old that any failure to comply would see him spend “a nice Christmas in Maghaberry (Prison)”.

Logue, of Divis Tower in the city, was arrested at Francis Street on July 1.

Belfast Magistrates’ Court heard a group of men had been spotted drinking, urinating and causing a nuisance in the area.

When police arrived and asked them to move on Logue was the only one who failed to do so.

A prosecution lawyer said he was drunk and abusive to officers in full view of passers-by - despite several warnings about his behaviour.

She told the court: “He shouted ‘F*** off, have you nothing better to do. RUC scum, I’d love to kill you, I’ve killed two of youse already’.”

Logue was then detained after making a V-sign gesture at police.

Imposing community service for the disorderly behaviour, Mr Rice told him: “You’re getting too old for courtrooms.”