Martin McGuinness accused of ‘taking revisionism to new level’

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness
Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness

Gregory Campbell MP has accused the Deputy First Minister of making “insensitive and reprehensible” comments about IRA violence in a televised interview.

The DUP man said the newly-released Al Jazeera broadcast – filmed during a debate at the Oxford Union four months ago – also contained historical inaccuracies.

Mr Campbell accused Martin McGuinness of “taking revisionism to a new level” after the Sinn Fein chief said “before ever there was an IRA in my city, the British Army were shooting citizens dead”.

Mr Campbell said the appearance was an attempt to portray the Provos as “decent terrorists” and that IRA victims would feel their blood run cold when they watch the footage.

Mr Campbell added: “On every single occasion that the Deputy First Minister has been approached about terrorist incidents that occurred when even he admits to being in the IRA, he denies knowing anything about them.

“The programme is a stark reminder of Martin McGuinness being a man of violence in the past who openly condoned the brutal actions of the PIRA.”